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the right to use force to protect ethnic russians who live in eastern ukraine. in kiev today, the ukrainian captain, secretary of state john kerry honored protesters killed last month. those protesters drove ukraine's pro-moscow president viktor yanukovych from power, and that is what triggered putin's invasion. also today, the russians test fired an intercontinental ballistic missile in southern russia. elizabeth palmer reports from crimea that russian forces there fired warning shots at unarmed ukrainian soldiers. >> reporter: it was part military maneuver, part exercise in national pride. , cranian soldiers set out to demand the occupying forces give them back their weapons. instead the russians ordered them to halt. and then fired what may be the first shots since this invasion began. but it didn't last long, and the ukrainians eventually returned to base empty-handed. to hear vladimir putin tell it, though, there is no attention at all between the two armies. "they're brothers in arms, friends" he said. "i'm convinced that russia and ukrainian forces will stand together." maybe he hasn
. >>> it is 10:00 here in the evening. a fog shroud in kiev, ukraine. more on the crisis here and how it is affecting the markets around the world and the united states and our 401(k)s. after putin ordered forces back to their bases and military would be a last resort, investors around the world seem to show relief by driving up the global markets. take a look at the dow right outer loop. it jumped twiple digits in the morning hours after dropping more than 150 points yesterday. the s&p 500 even hit a new intraday high. a record. the fox business network's joe kent is live with the markets. >> hi. the markets are firmly in the green. today is called a risk-on day where investors feel good about trading and making profit on better news. this comes a day after the bears ruled the market on news of a potential cold war escalation in ukraine. on monday the dow fell 154 points. s&p 500 lost .7%. the biggest one-day decline in a month. you mentioned the s&p 500 climbing today tow all-time highs today. s to track to view its best since december. it listed smaller stocks as well. new record h
a listen. >> interpreter: the definition of what has happened in kiev and the ukraine as a whole, it is an unconstitutional coup and a military seizure of power. nobody is arguing with that. who is arguing with that? >> mike vicarra at the white house, this boys down to what your definition of a coup is. >> president obama and secretary of state kerry, though they're thousands of miles apart, they have the same goal in mind. and secretary kerry, in kiev, and he comes with a $1 billion aid package, and president obama asking the congress to take that up immediately. but he's also figuratively planting the flag in kiev, solidarity with the government of kiev, and to deescalate the crisis, you heard secretary kerry, and president obama as well, to contain vladimir putin's ambitions right now and turn them back, but at this point to lower the temperature here and make sure that vladimir putin does not have designs on the other portions of ukraine and the southern and eastern portions with a heavy concentration of russian speakers and ethnic russians as well. so president obama there
and pull there? >> i have a lot of friends in ukrain and kiev and people are really divided. because i can't say all of the nation wants to come to europe, there are a lot of people who are pro-russia and lots of people who are against russia, and the country is really divide. really there are a lot of opinions on how the country will develop in some future -- in some near future, so that i'm really worried for my friends and my friends in ukrain are really worried about endangering the stuff ukrain have now, also the revolution, because the revolution is in near past and now the groups -- the power groups, fighting groups in ukrain are starting to kind of divide the pie, and just aim to acquire some part of the powers. some people from [ inaudible ] some official opposition politics, like klitschko and others, and for example [ inaudible ] nation from the extremist group radical extremist group called riot factor, who are not controlled -- >> tim, you mentioned the political parties, and our a couplety is really concerned about the people of kiev. >> some people are really afraid of some
in ukraine and kiev and [ inaudible ] especially, so people are really divided because [ inaudible ] all of the nation -- all of the ukraine nation wants to come to europe, there are a lot of people who are pro-russian, there are lots of people who are against russia, and the country is kind of divide. really, there are a lot of opinions on how the country will develop in some future -- in some near future, so that i'm really worried for my friends and my friends in ukraine are really worried about endangering the stuff ukraine have now, because of revolution is in their near past, and now groups -- there are powerful groups, fighting groups in ukraine are starting to kind of divide the pie, just aim to acquire some part of the powers. likely some people from [ inaudible ] some official mritices, like klitschko and others, and the [ inaudible ] nation is from extremist group called riot factor who are not controlled by -- >> tim, you mentioned the political party and our community is really concerned about ukrainians, those protesters, what about them, tony tweets in . . . >> some people
invite your comments on facebook and twitter. john kerry has arrived in kiev, ukraine. he brought a guarantee of loan to the ukraine. they hope to help prepare for elections and recover assets. according to the post, he is pledging economic and technical help area and -- technical help. met tosecurity council discuss the ongoing intervention in ukraine. every councilmember except russia supported mediation in that nation. samantha power listed what russia should do to resolve the situation peacefully. this is just under two hours. we will leave the program at about 11:30 eastern. >> from the permanent representative of ukraine to the security council, 2014/136. it is adopted. in accordance with number 37 of the council's rules, i invite the representative of ukraine to participate in this meeting. it is so decided. in accordance with rule 2039 of the provisional rules of procedures, i invite the assistant secretary general for political affairs to participate in this meeting. it is so decided. the security council will now begin its consideration of item 2 of the agenda. i now giv
with anderson cooper live in kiev. >>> good evening, i'm anderson cooper reporting live from kiev in ukraine. a country on the brink. as the new prime minister has said. russian forces in the crimea, the fear that they may move further into eastern ukraine. i'm reporting from independence square, where a week and a half ago, people were fighting and dying for change here in ukraine. they got the change. the former president fled, no one could have predicted what happened next. russian forces on the ground in crimea. it's a little before dawn on tuesday morning, the start of a day no one can predict, what will happen over the next 12 hours. people are hoping and praying it does not end in bloodshed. there has been far too much bloodshed already. in this area here, people died a little more than a week and a half ago, right now it's considered holy ground a place of martyrs, flowers, makeshift memorials all around the barricades, the sandbags are all still up, all still a sign of what happened here a short time ago. the protesters remain, because they want to make sure that the changes that th
jazeera, ukraine. >>> again, this is the image live in kiev right now. we are awaiting word from u.s. secretary of state john kerry. he is expected to announce $1 billion in u.s. aid for the new government of ukraine. including technical assistance and economic advice. for the latest events coming out of ukraine and the rest of today's headlines you are follow us on twitter. >>> benjamin netenyahu giving the keynote address at a gathering this morning of aipac. benjamin netenyahu saying he will do whatever it takes to defend israel. >> did you ever hear about iran sending a humanitarian delegation overseas? no? you missed that memo? [ laughter ] >> you know why? you know why you haven't heard anything about that? because the only thing that iran sends abroad are rockets, terrorists and missiles to murder, maim and menace the innocent. [ applause ] >> on monday netenyahu met with president obama pushing back against white house pressure to cut a deal with the palestinians. president obama warning the time for peace is running out. and later today the president submits his $4 trillio
in ukraine. the stocks go straight up. good morning, everyone. kerry heads to kiev. triple digits on the dow. the s&p 500. a new record there. amazing what a nice cash flow can do for you. the architect behind obamacare. he sings the praises. all thanks to his law. that ought to wake you up. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ the local there appears to be no imminent threat of a shooting war in ukraine. that is why the market is going straight up. look at that. all in green. now take a look at the s&p 500. that is record territory. the new intraday high was 1869. now we have hit 1874 the -- i say this market just wants to go up. the lack of a shooting war in ukraine is a good excuse. >> the industrial names are leading this. the risk on trade is coming back. stuart: it is not our beloved technology stocks? technology stocks? sandra: has been in big momentum player but it is not the leader in this rally today, but i know i will tee up charles when i say this, the fed has not gone out of our business yet so how do you know if this rally can sustain itself? charles: i don't care. you tal
ukraine's economy. phil ittner is live in kiev with more on that. phil? >> reporter: john ever since this crisis began, it has seemed as though russia and vladimir putin is very much in the driver's seat. and now it does seem there is a real effort to try to form late a corporated response. here in the capitol at anxious and fledgling government is urging the russians to leave but trying to shore up the nation's damaged economy. >> translator: the economy has become a hostage of the security situation that we now have in ukraine. you know our russian neighbors have made an aggressive pass towards ukraine. >> reporter: and a skittish market has already dealt a blow to its economy. western leaders are looking at economic leverage as perhaps the best response to russia's action, economic isolation analysts are calling it. still the russians have the boots on the grown, and seem to be calling the shots. president vladimir putin inspected russian troops here the border. the russians say the war games were planned months ago, but it sends a strong message. ukraine beefed up security away f
. welcome to the continuing coverage of ukraine. secretary of state john kerry today in kiev scolded the russian government accusing president putin of making up reasons to invade ukraine and kerry issued a warning for russia to essentially reel itself in or suffer the consequences. >> if russia does not choose to deescalation, if it's not willing to work with the government of ukraine when we hope it will be, then our partner also have absolutely no choice but to join us to continue to expand upon steps we have taken in recent days in order to isolate russia politically, diplomatically, and economically. >> cnn's anderson cooper is live from kiev, ukraine, for more. what has the reaction been there to secretary kerry's remarks? >> certainly a lot of people i talked to today very much appreciate the fact that secretary kerry flew here, came here. in fact, the first place he came was right here to independent square. he parked here and walked back down. this is really, in many ways kind of sacred ground for people here in kiev and in many parts of western ukraine and even the eastern
. >> the crisis in ukraine, two developments this morning: first, secretary of state john kerry is in kiev as tensions between ukraine and russia escalate. second, in the last few hours, russian presidents putin went before t cameras to address the situation. abc7 news reporter is in washington with the latest. >>> good morning, world powers are warning president putin to withdraw before the situation explodes. so far, he has not budged. >> russian president putin is not back down. today he called the new government illegitimate say it took power as a result of a coup and has ordered some troops on the border to return home tensions are high. >> with the russian air force in the skies and russian boots on the ground and the russian navy patrolling the ports putin controls the crimea region a huge escalation raising tensions around the globe. russia says the troops are protecting shall be citizens from the unrest sparked by protests that led to the out of thing of the president. >> the country is plunged into chaos. all military exercises are put on hold by the pentagon. president obama is
and ukraine as tensions their reach a boiling point. secretary of state john kerry will be traveling to kiev on tuesday to discuss the situation. for more of the american response to the crisis in ukraine here's our keys on a stasi a church. we all know that the united states prides itself in being the beacon of democracy and freedom when it comes to brush away the stuff surrounding the events unraveling in ukraine accusations have been flying high from washington. but if we look in countless back past and present while the us demands that its finger pointing is taken seriously by the rest of the world. how does that mean let's listen to what others had to say on its actions. many will be so tiny and that has been there for years. he was in the meantime has more than seven hundred military bases around the world and in the notorious world leader of getting involved in wars that are opposed to not just at home but also brought the rain when panini and becomes short. you just don't invade another country on the phone the pretext of the invasion of iraq in two thousand and three had never happe
this day will end but there are people here in kiev and ukraine praying that the day does not end in bloodshed. there has been too much bloodshed already. the spot i am here in independence square, people died a little more than a week and a half ago. it is a memorial to those who died. we'll show you around a little bit. there are barricades and sandbags. people bring flowers and light candles, paying homage to those who died for change. the crisis caught many by surprise, many in the government. a new government, a shaky government at best. an interim president, a new prime minister, all of them are hoping some sort of diplomatic effort can solve the crisis in ukraine. they are looking to the west and the u.s. for help on the diplomatic front. but they are calling up military reserves. a lot has occurred over the last 12 and 24 hours and a lot happened over the weekend to get you up to speed on. here's a look at the last 72 hours. >> is it a fact that russia has surrounded or taken over practically all military facilities in crimea. is it a fact that russian jets entered -- >> u
kerry on the ground in kiev in ukraine. let me bring in peter alexander and mark murray is standing by. peter, are you there? >> reporter: i am. >> this is the first remarks following vladimir putin's comments this morning. the president saying there is still an opportunity to stabilize the situation but as our own andrea mitchell noted in her question to secretary of state john kerry, putin is not even prepared to admit that russian troops are in crimea despite the video and overwhelming proof that that is the case. >> reporter: we heard back to back messages from american leaders for secretary of state john kerry and then president obama himself. i think you could say that secretary of state kerry basically gave a point by point rebuttal of exactly what we heard earlier today from vladimir putin. there had been basically radio silence from administration officials over the course of this day since putin himself spoke. this is probably why. the white house administration was waiting for the message to be delivered clearly on the ukrainian soil by john kerry. he accused the russian gov
, was in kiev, ukraine, meeting with the government there and touring the site of last month's deadly pro it tests. a short time ago, he and president obama made clear their support for that new ukrainian government, contradicting the russian president, vladimir putin's claims that ukraine has no legitimate leaders. president obama dismissed that claim, adding that russian's invasion of crimea was a miscalculation. >> i actually think that this is not a sign of strength, but rather is a reflection that countries near russia have deep concerns and suspicions about this kind of meddling. and if anything, will push many countries further away from russia. there is the ability for ukraine to be a friend of the west's, and a friend of russia's. >> secretary of state john kerry just left kiev for talks in paris, was even more forcefully, said all of putin's claims are false. >> not a single piece of credible evidence supports any one of these claims. none. >> adding to the tensions in crimea right now, it's occupied by thousands of russian troops. there are reports russian warships have blocked
-to-back developments coming out of kiev where secretary of state john kerry addressed reporters just moments ago, and in washington where the president spoke concerning the crisis in ukrain as well. mike the secretary of state and president using versus forceful language, the secretary of state calling what happened in kiev freedom, and the president using words like meddle and intervene. >> yes, both men trying to embarrass vladimir putin on the world stage. the president said it has not been a sign of strength but a reflection of the suspicion of all of the neighbors of russia, ages of suspicions being echoed over the last 72 hours. the president said he want to de-escalate this. they are not making for a major confrontation. and secretary kerry on that score says that vladimir putin is looking for a pretext. here is a little bit more of what president obama had to say moments ago. >> from the perspective of the european union, the united states, allies like canada and japan, and allies in friends and partners around the world will is a strong belief that russia's action is violating internat
, there is still opportunity for russia to help the international community stabilize the situation in ukraine. meanwhile, delivering the message in kiev, condemning russia for escalating the violence, kerry is visiting with ukraine's new leaders reayou remember thing support for the government. this has been a day of point, counter point, 2 sides expressing their opinions. talking points, but clearly a very strong difference of opinion on the way things are progressing here in kiev, and throughout the country. john kerry said that many of that vladimir putin said in an hour long press conference, were simply not true. the russian government would have you believe that that will have been mass attacks on churches in eastern ukraine. that hasn't happened. but vladimir putin remains adamant the west does not understand this country. he says that ukraine is well within the sphere of russia's control. and that basically the west is looking at ukraine as some sort of laboratory experiment, in democracy. in his speech, today to the russian press, vladimir putin also took an opportunity to say that w
're following latest developments in ukraine. live in kiev. shepard smith live in kiev. we will join him live straight ahead. [ chainsaw whirring ] humans -- sometimes liferips us up. sometimes we trip ourselveup. and although the mistakes may seem to just keep coming at you, so do the solutions. like multi-policy discounts from liberty mutual insurance. save up to 10% just for combining your auto and home insurance. call liberty mutual insurance at... [ thump ] to speak with an insurance expert and ask about all the personalized savings available for when you get married, move into a new house, or add a car to your policy. personalized coverage and savings. all the things humans need to make our world a little less imperfect. call... and ask about all the ways you could save. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >>> investigators believe a snowboarder likely caused a deadly avalanche. this happened in montana. among the snow traveling 20 miles an hour into a home in missoula. a woman killed and an 8-year-old boy hurt. neighbors helped free the victims after they were
of what has happened in kiev and in ukraine as a whole. the evaluation can be just one. it isn't anticonstitution, no coup and military seizure of power. nobody argues this. who argues this? for me, the question is, which i cannot answer and my colleagues either, who i have been discussing the problem of ukraine over the phone. the question is as follows, why has this been done? please pay your attention president yanukovych together with three foreign ministers of poland, germany and france, in the presence of my representative -- the men of russia, they spoke and they signed between the opposition and the authorities on the 21st this very agreement, according to which, whether it is good or bad, yanukovych has already given up his power. he agreed to everything the opposition has been wanting, for the early parliamentary elections, early presidential election, to go back to the constitution of 2004. he agreed to request of us and west not to apply force. he did not give any criminal order to shoot in the poor demonstrators. moreover, he made an order to withdraw all police fo
of the oligarchs from protest is. it seems the old ladies vying for power in kiev come straight home to ukraine's financial elites control of an aunty kiev. a lunch party for any military are defined in newly issued in kiev three air defence regiment are the latest to pledge the religion's to the people in crimea more than five thousand troops have switched sides including the country's navy commander and along with the military said. arms to protect the errol and thirty three financial reports my knee and he's on the defensive. many decent honest republicans southern ukraine took the lead to demands by ethnic russians here's what's happening yet its quiet way of life. if you want peace prepare for war. this is the crying meander on to roads connecting the peninsula to the mainland here and here this is one of them. sandra is that local state and the content into a soul undesirable forces from the north. and this is why they're here. the fear that ukrainian fascists the country's ultra nationalists writes that the group helped topple president unocal beach. now many crimean so worried that such
ago, after putin spoke, secretary of state john kerry arrived in kiev to meet with ukraine's new leaders. margaret brennan is traveling with secretary of state kerry. margaret, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and good morning to the west coast. secretary of state kerry arrived here in kiev and headed straight to the shrine of the fallen. it's a memorial for some of the protesters killed in demonstrations against the former pro-moscow government. he was swarmed by religious leaders and people in the street who pled for help. he says the u.s. will deliver financial support and he hopes that russia will respect the outcome of upcoming elections. but there is real concern among u.s. officials that rush bea will expand its invasion in ukraine beyond crimea and the u.s. is considering slapping sanctions on russia in the coming days. right now, kerry is in kiev meeting with the acting president and prime minister pledging a $1 billion loan guarantee. he is also sending a team of financial advisers to help this country avoid economic collapse and try to cl
reviewed to back down. >> first the assessment of what happened in the ukraine and kiev as a whole. this was an unconstitutional coup and armed seizure of power. bill: what can you tell us about the very tense situation in ukraine as of now? >> reporter: there is a heavy fog that descended over kiev on independence square. people are continuing to try to drum up moral support for their revolution that seems to be in jeopardy because of this tense situation particularly in the southern area of crimea. both sides have been incredibly disciplined in this standoff between ukrainian and military forces. but there were concerns about missteps. there were tense moments at the air base taken over by russian soldiers i in balaklava. they warned the ukrainian troops and said they would shoot. it was an example of how thing are on evening. in the black sea the ukrainian naval ships are blockaded by russian forces. it's a very compl -- very compld situation. russia and the ukraine worked together and now they are practically in a state of war with the russians ordering them off their bases. pe
a part of russia. new this morning, secretary of state john kerry arrives in kiev in ukraine to discuss financial assistance for the nation. and washington sends a message to moscow suspending the plan to trade investment talks with russia. first, global markets making a comeback today. u.s. stocks took a big hit yesterday including the dow which suffered a triple digit loss. let's bring in in christine romans. what is behind the bounceback? how do markets look now? >> markets look good now for u.s. stocks. what's behind the bounce back is the fact president putin ended the military exercises in russia. when that happened and the president gave his press conference about four to five hours ago and said that he was not going to an ex crimea, you saw the highs reached in stock futures. dow up 165, nasdaq up as well. look at s&p 500 futures. if they rise 18 points, 20 point, you'll see a record high in the s&p 500. something a lot of market watchers are saying is interesting given the tension you're seeing in the strategically vital area of the world. it's volatile. they're pointing out ev
that the regime in the ukraine, in kiev was going to force -- was going to rebuff europe and instead cast its lot with russia. that's what produced this dynamic. we're all playing catchup, the people -- the real actors here, the people who have moved the story are the people of ukraine. and the people of ukraine particularly young people, particularly people in the west seem to say we want a future that is outside of the shadow of russian domination. that has produced a kind of complicated set of facts on the ground. it's a complicated situation, but surely the way to respond to that is not to send in thuggish paramilitary troops who do not have markings, because you don't have the courage to admit that you have effectively invaded cry mere, so you're doing it in this sur repetitious way. the best way to have dealt with this i think would have been to have negotiations, diplomacy, see what the people want, and if they want a special autonomous status, even if they wanted secession, maybe that's possible. but surely i cannot imagine that steve or anyone else would argue this is a good principle of
to get to the latest in ukraine. john kerry is in kiev this morning showing u.s. support for their new government. within hours kerry met with the acting president and prime minister. he also travelled to independence square where he laid flowers at the memorial for those killed in last month's violence between protestors and police. they called what happened an unconstitutional coup. bill has more. >>> words laced with menace from president putin, there is no need for further military intervention in ukraine, but the possibility still exists. it is a veiled threat. john kerry has now arrived for talks in ukraine, a country whose borders are changing. changed by the march of russian troop that's have fired the first shots in their take over of ukraine. they have marched toward russia trying to reach their war planes. soldiers open fired. they warned the ukrainians to stop. they did, but only after least four volleys of gunfire. a dangerous twist in an invasion the president has condemned. >> overtime this will be a costly proposition for russia. the strong condemnation that it has rece
. but still, a statement. >> mr. kerry, welcome to ukraine. >> thank you. >> reporter: in kiev, the ukrainian capital 500 miles away, secretary of state kerry walked the streets where scores of ukrainians died in protests last month, then praised their revolution. >> what they stood for so bravely i say with full conviction, will never be stolen by bullies or by invasions. it is called freedom. >> reporter: in moscow, vladimir putin offered a different version, a different reality in an extraordinary appearance. the new ukrainian government? illegitimate, he said. u.s. support for it was like, running experiments on rats. and then the u.s., he said, must stop encouraging what he called illegal change in the territory of the former soviet union. the soviet union shaped putin, a loyal kgb officer for 15 years. and here's what this country looked like back then, a colossus. and this is how it shrunk what the soviet union collapsed, which putin called, the greatest catastrophe of the century. his world view, shaped by the loss of an empire. >> he was born in a large soviet space that encompassed
kerry, pass by. what are people in kiev, in ukraine, hoping to hear from the secretary of state when he speaks a few minutes from now? >> reporter: i have been in independence square for the past few days where there are these very emotional scenes with people laying flowers on the barricades. there were battles between the protesters and the police. it has become a memorial to the people that died mainly shot by snipers. you can see people still laying flowers into the evening. very important for the people of this part of ukraine at least that john kerry was seen here in independence square paying his respects to the people that lost their lives here, sort of laying a memorial to them as well. they are looking for him now to take strong action to put whatever diplomatic, financial, and political pressure he can on russia, along with his allies in the international community, to pull back from their position in ukraine. what exactly those levers are, remains unclear for the moment. what's been announced coinciding with john kerry's visit but the u.s. is $1 billion in a credit line, cre
stream of forces, pressure is growing across ukraine with al jazeera's journalists covering key developments. >> ukrainians are preparing themselves for war. in kiev where there has already been so much bloodshed, people expressed their allegiance to ukraine and their defiance of russia. it's fighting rhetoric and for now, it still is only talk. people have been responding enthusiastically to the call to mobilize. here there are young men, there are older men. people with military experience. people without any military experience at all. but yo who still want to take p. we have visited a total of three stations in and around kiev and already in the first few hours several hundred people had enlisted. >> i know russia is powerful, they have nuclear weapon but on the other side we have our friends in europe and the united states who already claim the support. so we will fight until the end. >> this appears to be perhaps the one place ukraine's forces in crimea are putting up any resistance. behind these walls in paravalnia is a special forces base. the ukrainian flag is still up
warning shots and stood face to face with ukraine soldiers. they were demanding the russians vacate the area. the tense standoff occurred just before secretary of state john kerry arrived in kiev to show support for ukraine's government. >> the united states reaffirms our commit to ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity. according to international law. we condemn the russian federation's act of aggression. >> reporter: russia is under pressure to pull thousands of troops from southern ukraine, a region with many ethnic russians and considerable strategic advantages for russia's military. in his first extended comments since russian troops seized crimea, president vladimir putin called the recent uprising an unconstitutional ciewp and said moscow -- coup and said moscow reserves the right to protect ukraine [ inaudible ] it will offer advisories to help with new elections. president obama has also been huddling with his staff about economic sanctions against russia that might convince putin to change course. world financial markets and russia's currency rebounded tuesday aft
. >> secretary of state john kerry will be on the ground here in ukraine in kiev later on today. expected to depart shortly from andrews air force base. we'll bring you that departure as it happens, i want to go to jim acosta at the white house. what is the latest in terms of diplomatic efforts on the u.s. front? >> president obama met with his national security advisers earlier this evening, they're not really looking at military options, at least according to what the white house is saying. they're focused on what can be done economically and diplomatically, you heard this talk over the weekend that u.s. and allies won't go to the g-8 summit this summer in russia. the u.s. is cancelling all military engagements that it has with the russians, that's a new step that took place this evening. you mentioned that secretary of state john kerry is heading over to kiev to talk about financial assistance that he is brings promises of from the united states and hopefully according to this white house from european allies, but the president believes that the world is on his side, not vladimir putin
it to the center of kiev. support from america to ukraine. >> he plans to end his trip in front of the white house. he hopes he can get a member of the administration to sign the flag before he sends it to ukraine. >>> dozens of jobs are available and oakland police are trying something new to fill them. the three things they need strengthen the department. >> the rain is picking up. still to come the viableinable that means a little -- viablemirability that means a little rain can topple trees. charles not having coverage stressed me out. i literally haven't been to a doctor in 15 years. i had a car accident when i was uninsured, and i declined medical assistance because it was gonna be too expensive. as a result, i deal with back pain on a pretty regular basis. after it had built up for so long of not having insurance, i couldn't believe that it was just that easy. it was just nice to have a plan that was a reasonable monthly premium. i'm in because i don't want to put a price on my health. [ female announcer ] everyone deserves health insurance. are you in? find free, confidential, local help a
. is this the legitimate government of ukraine that's in kiev? if show, we should be saying it at every opportunity. and what made it legitimate and why is mr. yanukovych not legitimate? because that's putin's argument. and then, finally, i think you've got to really get down and look at the facts on the ground. and so i would like to see an assessment mission go in from the organization from security and cooperation in europe or maybe from nato itself. just some people who can go in and say, here's a report that the russians are on this border. are they there? what can you see behind it? because as this crisis escalates, which it might, the most important commodity is going to be on the ground, eyes on target, information. you can't get it necessarily from nsa, as good as nsa and as good as the satellite coverage is, you have to have people who can talk to each other on the ground. >> and president saakashvili just said the satellites were point there had, but it's not enough to get all the information you need. what about this point that he raises. what about the legitimate government? a lot of p
not be part. mr. obama is telling congress that he would like a package of humanitarian aid for ukraine. he's sending to kiev, secretary of state john kerry. if there's an obama plan to deal with putin, he hasn't made it public. >> senator diane finestien said i do not believe that threats means much to russia's leadership. >>> a ukranian man in the bay area is hoping a cross country tour in a unique car will help raise awareness about his country's fligplight. he's a circus performer. >> i change my mission to make sop fund raising for children that was apparent into this turmoil. suddenly it changes with russia into grand territory. >> reporter: he's also carrying a flag. he wants americans to sign in support of his em battled country. any proceeds will help families in need. >>> waves of water rushed over the parkway when a 12-inch pipe ruptured. it left the st. isabella school without water and cancelled classes for the day. students are scheduled to return to school tomorrow. >>> new problems for new jersey coming up. a winter blast slamming the east coast. we'll show you the storm tha
control as a potential putin game plan. and in kiev today the president of georgia warned ukraine's government that it should prepare for the worst and do it quickly. as more russian forces continue to deploy in crimea taking care of ferry terminals and as eastern ukraine threaten more violence, some say this could quickly escalate. >> this could end up as a full fledge war in eastern europe. this hasn't been more threatening since the balkans in the 1990s. this threatens peace in our time this in the european continent. >> shown he has made his own calculations and to this crisis he has so far only brought the hard power levers of military threat. this pay be a very big roll of the dice. >> if he's betting anything, he's betting that the west will not respond and that he will be able to achieve this and that ukraine will go along with this. and will not ris. esist. those are huge bets, high-risk strategy and events will determine whether he was right or wrong. >> who is putin listening to? analysts suggest a very close circle of advisors which may not even include his economic te
in ukraine, several fast moving developments on the ground as secretary of state john kerry landed in kiev this morning. the new video showing him with ukraine's acting president has the white house lays out its economic plan to bolster ukraine's finances. >>> next hour at home, president obama puts his money where his mouth is, unveiling a budget that backs up his income inequality message that backs young children and universal e pre-k. and it has been a winter of extreme cold, record snow. has the deep freeze changed how americans are spending? >>> we begin with the white house confronting major challenges on the domestic and international fronts. the president next hour will unveil a nearly $4 trillion budget at an elementary school in washington, as they battle with republicans over the economy and income inequality. overseas, secretary of state john kerry has arrived in the ukrainian capital of kiev, where he just met with the acting president. he's there to show support for the country's embattled government, which includes a billion dollars in aid. a new sign of aggression, russi
[ inaudible ] loyalty to ukraine. our chain of command goes all the way back to kiev. and when you ask them, is there some pressure on you especially by people in the area to switch sides and they say which government? and that's one of the issues here. the regional government is a government that nobody knows in the sense you have these armed men pick up the parliament, then some mp's were let inside, and then you have this new prime minister who is the m man -- leader of a party, who actually only got 4% in the new elections. so there are questions of who are these knew authorities in charge, and the ukrainians saying we are not going to surrender to this government because we simply don't know who they are. >> reporter: the ukrainians [ inaudible ] were met with russian gunfire. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: shots fired into the air warning the troops to stay back. hey, we're local too the men shout and then . . . >> reporter: the ukrainians carry a soviet flag from the second world war, as if reminding the russians there was a time when these two sides were fighting together. >> reporter: bu
continuing coverage of the crisis in ukraine. shepard smith is on the ground in kiev and joins us with the latest. i know we have a little bit of a delay, so if people can bear with us, we look forward to hearing your update. go ahead. >> well, i'm standing behind me is the square where all of this unraveled, beginning back in november, and then continued in a more fiery way in independence square here in kiev. they shut the lights off at 11:00 local time building by building and area by area. they all went down, we don't know if to save electricity or something else. it's pitch black on a foggy and cold night. there's still people in independence square, we took pictures from my iphone. people are coming here to mourn those who died in this uprising. think of it, i have been listening to your conversation and it's all politics and oil, but for so many people here, this is about we are ukrainian. we heard that our president is going to align with the russians, and we didn't like it. we protested in the streets, and eventually, the government came out and murdered our neighbors and
ukraine president fled kiev. russia is ready to use all means to protect russians in ukraine and putin accused the west of encouraging protesters and driving them to anarchy. secretary of state john kerry arrived in kiev. the united states and top allies are deciding whether to slap russia with sanctions for the military takeover of crimea. putin says sanctions will backfire on the west. you can stay on the rising crisis in ukraine by following our twitter feed at abc7 news. >> the city council of bay area will discuss hiring of a police officer for a substation for facebook at wood haven at the cost of $200,000 a year. the officer helps local schools increase safety and work in the area's large businesses like facebook to improve security. >>> a new york city congressman has a new bill requiring a kill switch on smart 15s to deter cell phone shift. the commissioner calls this the largest growing crime in america. they accounted if what of all robberies in san francisco last year. the d.a. in san francisco was among the first to urge phone companies to install a kill switch. we have mo
from the ukrainian capital. >> john, kiev is a very troubled city. the army that russia has on ukraine's border to the north and to the east. as a result kiev has sent security forces along those borders and certainly to the border crossing. the fear that kiev has is that russia may try to send in agitators, a kind of fifth column to set things up should there be an escalation of tensions. they've also been speaking to business leaders here. even though there's a threat of war there, there is a real understanding in keybank that they have to get the government functioning. -- in kiev that they have to get the government functioning. to try to get them to chip in. all the wile the international community is looking to what they can do. there's talk of travel restrictions for the russians. and there's the expected arrival of secretary of state john kerry who many ukrainians hope will be carrying with him a stimulus package. >> many say it's the american foreign policy who shares in the blame. john mccain, a vocal critic of the policy. >> secretary of state john kerry has no idea what the
of what has happened in kiev and in ukraine as a whole, there can be only one definition, it is an unconstitutional coup and a military seizure of power. nobody is arguing with that. who is arguing with that? legally, there is only one message to the president. it's clear he doesn't have power. >> that's understandable. i have already said this and i want to repeat that the legitimate president is, of course, yanukovych. >> standing buy in moscow >> reporter: this is a fascinating press conference and one that seems designed to puncture the image of vladimir putin and an image that is common currency in the west. there he was back in front of a select group of journalists and instead of starting with a fiery speech, he began by asking them what they wanted to ask him about. so when they asked him about yanukovych, he said that yanukovych is the one and the only rightful president of the ukraine and that yanukovych hadn't given the order. they asked about the possibility of being engage of the ukraine. he said that wasn't going to happen any time soon, that there was no ne
the situation here in ukraine. anne-marie. >> charlie d'agata. in the capital of kiev. thank you very much. >>> crimea has strategic importance for russia, it's located on the north coast black sea and cbs' analysis mike lyons said it's important to the world. >> the black sea fleet is there. it's the way of controlling the shipping lanes and its only warm water port. a strategic location for russia. they had an agreement with ukraine to keep naval forces there for a very long time. could it jeopardize the naval presence there. he can't have that so it's in his best interest to make sure russia controls that and would never fall into the hands of somebody else because if russia loses that naval port they lose a lot of protection of goods and services shipped to russia to the rest of the world. >> lyons things russia's ambitions for the ukraine are limited to crimea. >>> on the "cbs moneywatch" cleaner fuel will mean higher gas price us and who tops the list of the world's richest people. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> good morning,
for stability and to protect its citizens. kiev says the world is witnessing an invasion. ukraine's west tensions flared as pro russian protesters surrounded the dances regional politics to be sensitive to mix they went one further storming the building. these priests welcome moscow's recent actions. bush has said so in effect using crimea author of cool for conventions of the produce you cry the need to pick c and a coke which she addressing the un security council. russia's represent apprenticed in an alleged that the probe into full of presents for his assertions are unlikely to ease international pressure we are attending a whole series of steps. the hum and diplomatic. that will isolate russia. and will have a negative impact on. russia's economy and its status in the world. when he spoke was achieved in iraq but cute matches to be taken not question this is in breach of russia's international obligations and its commitments. we talked about the potential of spending by lump of coal country is among two from the new agreement and we will consider targeted nations. these next steps i
. >> this is of the first time mr. putin has done the world with a military takeover. he has taken crimea out of kiev control, but he will only take eastern ukraine as a rust resort -- last resort. pushingof wishing -- today the capital, he agreed to peace talks after five days of bombardment. is he thinking it is time to move to diplomacy? the problem is, how to bridge the gap. in kiev today, the secretary state route the promise of a billion dollar loan to the new government. the same government that putin insists seized power in an illegal and violent coup. >> if russia chooses not to do the asteroid, does not choose to work directly with the government of ukraine, then our partners will have absolutely no toice but to join us continue to expand upon steps we have taken in recent days in order to isolate russia politically, diplomatically, and economically. >> the americans have been talking tough. they have been pulling of military talks of and from predations for the g-8 summit. they are thinking of targeted sanctions, freezing assets, and revoking visas to people close to putin. broader economi
this as the imf kicks off ukraine's government on financial aid. steve sedgwick is in kiev. steve, we may see geopolitical risks here, but the crisis as far as the ukraine is concerned continues to remain, whether it's about the crimea or the economic situation. i know you've been talking to the economic minister. what did he say about the situation? >> both the economy minister and the prime minister, we've been running by them all morning and they were saying no more russian boots on cripplean soil. despite the fact that there is more risk on attitude, the fact is apparently there are 16,000 troops in crimea. there may be an end to those war games and a return to barracks to the east of this country and russia. ed this is a very popular ukrainian paper. i'll tell you what this says. it says this is occupation. and a ukrainian lady in crimea looking at the troops. despite the fact that there may be lessening of attention because of those troops return to go barracks, the fact is the threat remains. and the threat remains of potential action from russians and the concern that they will invade
nationalist protest leaders fashions. rabbi jacob lake chief rabbi of kiev in ukraine was one of the signatories of the ladder another was rabbi michael composed and of the nair attended reform synagogue and temporal ball which was vandalized during the russian invasion with anti semitic or fiji including swastika the post and tell the time to natural that while the attack was anti semitic in a chair. it was not likely carried out by a member of any far right party because the emblems were botched composed in state canceled prayers on saturday eighth march first in an effort to keep as members out of danger zone. ukrainian nationalists have denied allegations that anti semitism telling jewish leaders and israeli diplomats that their movements reject anti semitism and did a phobia. every now and a french author bernard henri levy meanwhile has come out of his way to de bunk kremlin propaganda that the three month protest on independence square in kiev signaled a return to fascism. according to levy the only signs of anti semitism came from derek and riot police who denounced th
growing tensions in ukraine. secretary of state kerry leaves tonight for kiev to meet with lead leaders from the government. the acting president says crew members are ready to defend ships after troops demanded surrender. >> the russian troops, so is the global effort to penalize russia. at dabbing bass door talked with us about this crisis. >> this when criticizing the actions >> michael mcfall just returned to stanford two days ago. he's in agreement with president obama that russia must pay a price for sending in troops to the crima region. >> this is just unacceptable. you can't just invade a country and annexed territory. it can't happen in 2014. he believes economic sanctions will put a chill on foreign investment. if if you're looking now, say up street here or in america, have you three australia you have a fourth one, the board is thinking this is too risky. >> people are starting to hi about shifting their outsourcing to other countries. >> nobody thinks there is going to be a war but risk is there as a business person, why should i take that risk? world leaders considerate
of state john kerry has just arrived in kiev to offer the u.s.' support of ukraine's new government. and it's just been announced a $1 billion loan to protect its economy from reduced subsidies from russia. vladimir putin in a lengthy press conference threatened further military action in ukraine if they see it as necessary. he said he sent troops into crimea in response to a coup. he says ukraine has no legitimate leader right now. >>> joining us is mr. posner. we just heard the press conference. he gives a very different set of circumstances. he says it's not an invasion. it's a response to a need of humanitarian aid. do you believe there is reason to trust vladimir putin's assessment of the situation in the face of different packfacts the ground? >> first of all, i have to tell you i've been around for a long time. and generally speaking, i don't trust politicians. he said that the threat of armed conflict in the crimea no longer exists. that's a very flat, open statement. and i think it's an important one. he also said that he understands the people on the square in kiev. he understands
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